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Stassen Tea

The Artisans of Perfect Teas

A forty year plus distinguished association with premium quality Pure Ceylon tea has helped create a remarkable brand name that has won the trust of tea aficionados in over eighty countries where Stassen Tea is marketed.


Balangoda Plantations PLC

Achieving excellence in the cultivation and processing of tea and rubber, Balangoda Plantations PLC owns 22 Estates, consisting of over 9,000 ha and is highly regarded for its fine quality tea and strong rubber grades. Spread out across the renowned Uva and Sabaragamuwa tea producing regions lie prestigious tea estates such as Pettiagalla, Gowerakelle, Cecilton and Wewesse, each with a rich and distinct tea history.

Madulsima Plantations PLC

Producing unique seasonal tea, Madulsima is a pace-setter in the plantation industry. Comprising 12 estates with over 5,505 ha of land, the estates include the most distinguished and noteworthy Kirkoswald – a picturesque tea estate located in the Dimbulla / Bogawantalawa region, producing prize-winning black teas with bright liquors consistently sought after by the world’s tea connoisseurs. Other noteworthy estates situated in the Bogawantalawa and Uva regions include the lush Kew, Theresia, El-Teb and Mahadowa tea estates.

State-Of-The-Art Green Tea Factory

Stassen pioneered the commercially viable production of green tea in Sri Lanka in 1982. Today, the Gowerakelle tea estate houses our innovative, state-of-the-art green tea processing factory. Located in the world-famous Uva tea-growing region, the Gowerakelle green tea factory is situated at an elevation of 1280m and engages in the production of superior quality green tea. Gowerakelle green tea is processed either by way of the traditional Chinese method of panning or the traditional Japanese method of steaming.

Idulgashinna Organic Tea Garden by Stassen

Stassen Natural Foods (Pvt) Ltd is the pioneer producer of certified Organic Tea worldwide, and the tradition of certified organic cultivation continues today at the Idulgashinna Bio Tea Garden, which produces the best quality Organic Black Tea, Organic Green Tea, and Handmade Organic Designer Tea varieties. Classified as Uva High at an elevation of 1800m, the estate is found within Haputale in the Uva Province. The green and black teas harvested from the upper ranges possess a sharp and refreshing taste.

Modern Tea-Bagging Facility

Stassen’s mechanical tea-bagging operation was initiated in 1981. Today, it is fully-equipped with the latest technology delivering all our international quality, modern and innovative tea packaging solutions. As a private label packer with reputed clients across the USA, Japan and Europe, we take pride in specifically catering to our clients’ requirements. With an array of specialty packaging and elegant private label gift pack options, tea can also be presented in String and Tag tea bags, Paper Enveloped or Foil Enveloped tea bags (with or without staple), Pyramid tea bags and Pot tea bags in retail packs of 10, 20, 25, 50, 100 tea bags and catering packs of 500 and 1000 tea bags.

Fairtrade Certified Tea

Fairtrade Certified Tea

Stassen remains deeply committed to ensuring the welfare of our plantation employees. Classified as Uva High at an elevation of 1800m, the celebrated Idulgashinna Bio Tea Garden located in Haputale of the Uva Province, supports ongoing community well-being and development programmes through the Bio Tea Project instituted in 1992. Stassen Natural Foods (Pvt) Ltd (Idulgashinna Bio Tea Garden) is Fairtrade certified by FLO-CERT GmbH. The Idulgashinna Bio Tea Garden produces a range of organic black tea, organic green tea, organic flavoured tea, and organic handmade designer tea, renowned for their refined quality.

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